Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Random Photo #60

Theme: Easter
Preparing to Dye the Eggs


  1. dear deb...i can't wait to see the artist in you paint these eggs and the little artist in the making, olivia helping you out.
    deb when you hard boil the eggs, what do you do with them after wards.
    do you make egg salad sandwiches.
    i always wondered about this.
    in fact this is such a delicious looking picture, i think i will boil me some eggs and make some sandwiches...yummy...

  2. Love this!! I love seeing all the pics! I just got our eggs and dye yesterday, I just buy the cheap box. We do 3-5 dozen every year... can you say "egg salad"? yes, she's 16 and still likes to dye eggs (and carve punkins!!) with her mumma!!